Electric Fence Installation

An Electric Fence Compliance Certificate and a 2-year warranty are provided with every new electric fence installation. Our electric fence suppliers Nemtek and Stafix are world leaders manufacturers of electric fencing products. They offer a 2 year warranty on their products.

We currently offer professional electric fence installation services in Gauteng and along the Garden Route. If you fall outside these areas, please drop us a message and we will see how we can assist.

electric fence installation

Electric Fence Price

Electric Fence Repairs

The price of electric fence installation depends on many factors, including the number of corners and brackets that must be applied, so it’s not possible to provide a  electric fence cost per meter average. Below are some of the factors that will determine the price per meter for the electric fence.

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  • Fence brackets can increase the cost of the material by double for corners and steps in a security fence.
  • As a result of their design, height, and complexity, perimeter security fencing can be expensive due to the materials and labor involved.
  • Additionally, zones can affect cost; a large perimeter fence should have zones between 150 and 200 meters wide.

Post – Electric Fence Prices in South Africa

We provide both electric fence repair and maintenance contracts once it is installed so that it will remain in good working order.

Compliance certificates require the owner or operator of the  fence to ensure the fence is working properly at all times.

“Declaration by user or lessor
I declare that I am aware of my responsibilities in terms of regulation 12 of the Electrical Machinery Regulations and undertake to operate and safely maintain the system.”

Electric fence maintenance issues include checking;
  • Vegetation
  • Rust
  • Earth spikes
  • Broken insulator bobbins
  • Broken wires

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Electric Fence Compliance

All electrified fencing installed in South Africa must be certified compliant. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the fence as per the regulations. Before we issue the compliance certificate, we will do an inspection to see if any repairs are needed.

To learn more about Electric Fence COC regulations click here

Walltop Electric Fence

Free Standing Electric Fence

Omega Bracket Electric Fence

One of the most popular electric fence installations is wall top fencing.

The electric fence is installed on top of the wall. Because it is simply added to your existing structure, it remains the most practical and cost-effective approach. It can be found on a wide variety of locations, such as private homes, estates, building complexes, office parks, and industrial units and locations.

A Free Standing Electric Fence provide protection when there is no wall on a property to install a wall top electric fence; these fences are also referred to as Stand-Alone electric fences .

Other applications include 

  • Game Electric Fencing
  • Farm Security
  • Commercial – Offices and Retail

Typically, fence heights range from 18 strands (1.8m high) to 24 strands (2.4m high).

Omega brackets are used to secure fencing wires to fences like palisade and Clearview fencing.Utilizing the mechanical strength of an existing fence, the Omega system reduces the cost of constructing a completely new system.

Solar Electric Fence

Solar panels, regulators, batteries and enclosures are among Nemtek’s solar product range. Incorporating high quality materials, our products provide a reliable power source for your animals or security requirements.

Nemteks products are made from high-quality materials, providing a reliable power source for electrified fencing in remote areas or in areas without AC power.

Electric Security Fence Repairs & Maintenance

A Electrical security fence require regular maintenance. You seldom purchase a car without a maintenance plan, why should you not do the same for your electric fencing and security?

You might think that your electric fence is working… but how do you know for sure?

Some of the issues for electrified fencing  maintenance include;

  • Vegetation
  • Rust
  • Check earth spikes are connected
  • Broken insulator bobbins
  • Broken wires
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